Power Pearls – Women’s Best Friends

Power Pearls – Women’s Best Friends

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends? Oh Yes, who would hate to receive luxury (expensive) diamonds from the boyfriends/fiancés/ Husbands. But wait, something worth to note that those famous females such as Queen Elizabeth II, Michelle Obama, and the current US VP Kamala Harris etc. all have something in common: Pearls.

Pearls have been the royal family’s favorite gem since the Victorian Era. The lustrous and elegance of pearls stand out as a sign of good taste. Queen Elizabeth II loves to wear her favorite pearls necklaces which match her official uniform. The Queen’s granddaughter-in-law Kate Middleton favors cultured pearl necklaces, pendants, ear studs etc.


US VP Kamala Harris also has been seen wearing a pearl necklace and earrings at her graduation snap and daily events.


Powerful women in politics, journalism, the arts, even sports, whose personal style includes pearls, often worn daily.

What’s the secret power of pearls? We believe it is because the incredible gifts from the nature can illuminate the faces and thus enhance women’s self-esteem.

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